Vintage Fabric Love

Frazzled from hosting a third birthday party for 10 toddlers, are they still toddlers when they are 3? And a wakeful night with an over excited birthday boy. Johanna and I met (in person) this morning. We are in the process of designing new pieces for summer and we spent the morning sifting through fabric samples. When we started out we toyed with idea of using actual vintage prints but quickly realised finding large quantities of vintage fabric was nigh on impossible. All rolls, it seems, have been cut up long ago. This hasn't however stopped us from buying up any vintage fabric that we come across and love, convinced that we will find a use for it. So we have bagfuls of treasured scraps and more substantial pieces. We had one especially enjoyable adventure. A day trip to Somerset (setting off at 6 seemed a lot less daunting than in the pre baby days) to go the Vintage Bazaar in Frome (details of all fairs at A trove of amazing treasures, we came away with fabrics and buttons galore. Most of them are being safely stored away in said black bags but it looks like we might be using them soon. Today we hatched a plan. Exciting, even on not very much sleep.

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