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Clary & Peg offers a range of beautiful, vintage-inspired clothes that are maternity friendly.

Our capsule collection consists of clothing that marries vintage nostalgia with contemporary design. In our most recent collection we've drawn on inspiration from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s to create a unique collection of stylish and versatile clothing.

As the company has evolved, it has become increasingly important to us that our designs appeal to pregnant and non-pregnant women alike.  Our clothes are being bought and worn by women with bumps and without.
Our name Clary & Peg is inspired by two strong and wonderful women in our lives. Clary (Caroline) was Edwina's mother's childhood nickname and Peg (Peggy) was Johanna's grandmother.
Our clothes have been worn by Rosamund Pike, Courtney Adamo, Sophie Hunter, Cherry Healey and Cara Delevingne (with a fake bump!)