The next chapter (finally)


Our new year’s resolution is to blog. Our second blog post is now long overdue (the running of the business and small babies (mostly) are to blame for the delay). But it's the New Year and the babies are not so new anymore which means the moment has come. Today was meant to be our first meeting of 2014. Toddlers back in nursery we were hoping to have a relatively productive day, maybe even a couple of really productive hours while the two babies napped. However, illness struck. With a temperature raging we decided against meeting and exchanging potential germs. Johanna suggested face timing, at 11. Here’s how the day has gone since: 

10 minutes to actually make contact

5 minutes of preamble curtailed by small injury and child’s cries

Realisation that they need to have lunch - agree to reconvene in half an hour

After half an hour, we somehow keep missing each other and both seem to be dealing with increasingly fractious babies.

One needs a nap, the other fresh air. Put to bed/taken out.

One then wakes and the other needs to sleep.

Which means it’s 3pm and we haven’t got very far. Although I have at least blogged.

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