Pregnancy in Literature

In Pig means pregnant in the made up language of the Mitford sisters. We had, what we thought to be a brilliant idea, which was that each of our designs would be named after a pregnant literary character; strong interesting individuals who reveled in being pregnant. We scoured books, google quotes, asked our most literary friends but there was nothing, well practically nothing. In the whole literary cannon, pregnancy it seems is rarely considered to be a good thing. Odd. Here is our favourite (and one of the more positive references that we came across), 

“I avoided the word pregnant, as did others: pregnant was a blunt, bulgy, pendulous word, it weighed you down to think about it, whereas expecting suggested a dog with its ears pricked, listening briskly and with happy anticipation to an approaching footstep”

Moral Disorder, Margaret Atwood


Not sure what she would think of in pig...




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