The story so far...

The story so far... We met pregnant at our local east London antenatal class. Dashiell and Phoebe were born and once we emerged from the initial fog we began talking about things, not just baby related things, although mostly baby related things. Seeds had been sown through pregnancy, our initial ideas changed and then changed again and again until we stumbled upon an idea that we shared. Maternity clothes that we wanted to wear, maternity clothes that would make people want to get pregnant to wear them.

We should have been documenting it from the off but we had no idea we would be where we are now, about to launch our own business designing and making vintage-inspired maternity clothes and selling them online. We had no real business experience but very strong ideas about what we liked and wanted. So we decided to do it, not simply talk about it but do it, even though we didn't really know each other and had very small people to look after. 

I think the idea was born July 2011, although the initial concept might have far preceded that. At the beginning there were lots of coffees, tentatively leaving babies to be looked after by others, our minds dominated by thoughts of them rather than our venture. It’s been a slow process; ill babies, not sleeping babies, childcare issues and then just as we thought we were on the brink of launch, we are both pregnant again and having to contend with morning sickness and first trimester exhaustion. But, now we are ready, willing and able to wear our clothes. The moment needs to be seized. The prospect of another pregnancy endlessly bored and frustrated by our sartorial choices cannot be. 

So In Pig will launch early 2013 and this blog will talk about stuff, baby and non-baby related, maternity and non-maternity related, it will be filled with things that we like. It will also continue to tell the story of In Pig with its aim of creating maternity wear that does not compromise style and individuality; clothes that women will want to wear even if they are not pregnant.

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Wow, your collection is absolutely breath-taking so far! Keep up the beautiful work!

Bitty Berlinghoff May 23, 2013

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