Modern Woman, May 16 2018, Grandmother's Footsteps

Johanna Kociejowski and Edwina Gieve  are the founders of vintage-inspired maternity-friendly womenswear label Clary and Peg. They tell Nancy Larman about juggling business with motherhood, and their plans for world domination.

Call it fate, kismet or just plain old good luck, but when Johanna Kociejowski and Edwina Gieve met seven years ago at an antenatal class in Hackney, something felt serendipitous. That both were expecting their first babies was, of course, a given considering the setting (weekly assemblies at a doula named Bridget’s home, something of a “Hackney institution”). Rather, it was the curious parallels that ran through both their lives that felt so providential, analogous experiences which spilled out in those rare and exhilarating first chats one only has with those we’re destined to be proper friends with. “There was one time, wasn’t there, when everyone else left and we walked across Hackney Fields,” reminisces Gieve. “I admired your coat and it led to this whole conversation.” As Kociejowski adds:  “We had lots in common and mutual friends, so it seemed like a natural fit.”