[[[The Telegraph, June 2014]]] Is Cara Delevingne pregnant?

If you were hoping for a mini Cara any time soon, think again. Depite being photographed with a not insubstantial baby bump, the 21-year old is definitely not pregnant. It turns out she was modelling a pair of dungarees for In Pig, the vintage-inspired maternity wear brand co-founded by her first cousin Edwina Gieve. And the bump was just an artfully placed cushion to complete the look.

"My only baby is Cecil", said Cara on the shoot of her bunny, who was happily perched in her pocket for most of the duration. Cecil Delevingne is so popular he even has his own Instagram account with 83,542 followers.

Of her cousin, Gieve says, "Cara looks fantastic in our dungarees, one of In Pig's bestsellers. Cecil, the rabbit may be her only baby, but Cara proves our clothes can be worn with or without a bump."

Launched last year, In Pig prides itself on its maternity clothing that can be worn long after giving birth, as evidenced by Cara without the bump. The exact style modelled by Cara is the 'Denim Dungarees with vintage detailing' in light denim with green and cream panelling and cream buttons. The casual 80s-inspired dungarees dungarees are available in four colour ways and cost £160.

The brand's name "In Pig" meant being pregnant in the invented language of the Mitford sisters, the scandalous feminine icons of 1930s British aristocracy. Cara's sister Chloe, who is pregnant, has also be photographed wearing the brand's Casual Smock Dress in April.