N4 Mummy Blog, April 2016, The Non Maternity dress


love escaping London, which is exactly what we did this weekend. After a lovely Christening service, we were treated to lunch on our friend’s parent’s farm, an incredible feast of meats and salad followed by an array of homemade puddings. Yum! Daisy was delighted by the Baa Baas, and Giddy Up Giddy Ups, and Dr. Husband and I by the green fields and prosecute (just a sip for me). I wore my Clary and Peg Chambray Pinafore Dress, with a white shirt and knowing I’d be trekking across fields, ditched heels in favour of my new nude brogues. This pinafore dress has become a firm favourite over the past few weeks. Yes I love the style, but mainly because it is so comfy. I’m just over half way there, #23weekspregnant, and am getting to the stage where by the end of each day I am just so tight. Literally anything pressing on my bump is an irritation, and this dress just skims the bump, which is a relief.

As you know, I own very few maternity clothes. Last pregnancy I bought styles that would accommodate a bump, but weren’t technically sold as maternity clothing. Trapeze shaped dresses and tops filled my wardrobe, predominately bought from Cos. I am pleased to say that those garments purchased, have been worn both whilst I’ve been pregnant and not pregnant. To my mind it isn’t sustainable to invest in huge numbers of clothes that will only be worn for 9 months. So when I discovered a brand that specialised in non-maternity, maternity garments you can image my excitement!

Clary and Peg are a vintage inspired, London made, brand that describes them as, “maternity friendly.” They have created a capsule collection featuring designs from the iconic eras of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, which includes dungarees, pinafore and maxi dresses in beautiful fabrics. They are shapes that look equally good with and without a bump. In fact, all their garments are photographed on their website on both pregnant and non pregnant women. Their clothes aren’t cheap, but are beautiful quality and very reasonable. Dresses start from £115. These are investment pieces designed to be loved and worn long after the 9 months are up. I say, genius.