Avocado Magazine, March 2016, Avocado Loves: Clary & Peg


As you go through your pregnancy the excitement and the anticipation builds and builds and builds. As you watch your perfect little bump grow and dreaming of the little boy or girl inside, everything they will achieve, create, love, learn and smile at. But your feelings aren’t the only part of you growing everyday. Your baby, your bump and your body change so dramatically through your pregnancy that when you look at yourself in the mirror 34 weeks in there is almost no chance of your recognising the mama staring back.

If there is one piece of advice we can give to pregnant mamas it is this: buy maternity clothes. Some people see it as a waste of money but how can it be? Your body has changed dramatically and you no longer look like anyone and it is ok to feel something about that – if you are amazed and think you’ve never looked so good and you want to highlight, show off and shout about your beautiful bump that’s ok, but if you are a little more worried about your changes, if you don’t like and didn’t expect that every part of your body would change and you just aren’t sure about some of the changes then that’s ok too! Whichever camp you’re leaning towards you are going to need beautiful, well fitted, comfy clothes that pick you up if you’re feeling down and highlight your stunning bump if you’re loving the changes.

So, with all of that in mind, we want to shout out and jump up and down about this brilliant maternity brand – Clary & Peg – the clothes they make are just beautiful (they even had a couple of us considering another mini) the silhouettes show off beautiful bumps while keeping it all nice and loose for those who aren’t quite ready for the body-con pregnancy look. All of Clary & Peg’s designs are inspired by vintage styles including 50s smocks, 60s and 70s short and maxi dresses and brilliant 80s dungarees and jumpsuits which are all beautiful and all will make you feel (and look) beautiful wearing them.

And the best thing about Clary & Peg? You can wear their beautiful clothes whether you’re pregnant or not! Unlike other maternity clothes these ones are cut so that they will flatter a baby bump but will also look absolutely amazing on a totally un-pregnant woman. Definitely money well spent then – you can wear these clothes for years, not just for 9 months.

They are well made, out of lovely material and possibly the best thing about them – practically all of their clothes are perfect for easy breastfeeding which means you can wear these clothes well into postpartum and beyond. So please please treat yourself to some good quality, beautiful maternity clothes, you really deserve it.