Trying to find a balance

The best thing about having your own business and having children is that you give yourself flexibility to work around them, during naps, in the evening, on the weekend. The worst thing, is not being able to restrict yourself to those fleeting moments of peace.  I find it really difficult when I get a work email and I'm in the middle of playing/reading a story, as I feel the need to answer it immediately. If I don't, I become less engaged, thinking about a response, wondering when and how I am going to reply. Surely it is best to get it out the way so I can continue to be fully focused on my children.  The trouble with now is that people assume you are available all the time. Or maybe I only think they do? My phone is always close to hand, mainly because I don't wear a watch and with small children you always need to know the time but it means I receive emails instantaneously and I feel I should get back to people immediately, that it will show me to be professional, organised, capable. However, I hate the constant disruption, my three year old telling me to stop looking at my phone. I can't bear that they might think that what I am doing is more important than them.  I know really that I should lock my phone away and buy a watch. And that things can wait.

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